Halifax Biomedical Inc. (HBI) is committed to providing quality products and services, it’s our philosophy that to accomplish this goal, we need to include the client as an integral part our team.

The quality of a RSA analysis is dependent upon bead placement and image quality. HBI provides on-site training to surgeons (bead placement) and radiographers (image quality). This is just the starting point. As with all things, practice makes perfect. Post on-site training, HBI provides regular feedback on bead placement and image quality. This helps us to see trends in quality which is used as an important tool in our commitment to continual improvement.

To support our surgeons and radiographers, we are providing the included on-line references.

Back to our theme of continual improvement. Feedback is not a one way street, in addition to providing supporting feedback to our clients, we encourage you to offer advice on how we can best utilize this site to meet your needs.