Halifax Imaging Suite

SOR ExamThe Halifax Imaging Suite (FDA approved) is built for hospitals and clinics everywhere, this easy to use, fully digital system fits in a regular size imaging room and can equally perform general radiographic imaging as well as SOR imaging.

Features of this system include:

  • Low dose stereo orthopaedic radiography system (SOR)
  • Two regulatory approved X‐Ray imaging systems
  • Two systems are fired simultaneously using a trigger switch.  The switch allows the two systems to fire simultaneously, providing a pair of stereo x-rays from different perspectives at the exact same time.
  • Process allows for Stability Assessment

The Halifax Imaging Suite allows for:

  • Enhanced standard of care for your total joint replacement (TJR) patients
  • Orthopaedic companies the ability to clinically validate new products
  • Industry and regulators the highest level of post‐market surveillance of TJR implants
  • Doctors to more efficiency and effectively diagnose implant instability