Halifax Imaging Kit

The Halifax Imaging Kit allows physicians and institutions to become leaders in patient‐focused, Evidenced Based care.  Features of the system include:

  • System integrates with existing x‐ray acquisition equipment and imaging media to reduce cost and training
  • the Halifax Imaging Kit uses 50kW of imaging power, from a 110V electrical supply, to minimize site preparation requirements
  • the Halifax Imaging Kit is positioned for SOR and is mounted on a track for convenient ease of use, with reduced set up time
  • the Halifax Imaging Kit allows for convenient upright joint imaging using minimal footprint
  • When not in use, the Halifax Imaging Kit parks neatly out of the way, allowing for routine general radiography procedures to be efficiently performed

standing knee L-Arm







The Halifax Imaging Kit will provide the following opportunities to participating physicians and institutions:

  • Enhance the standard of care for your total joint replacement (TJR) patients
  • Measure the stability of implants at a single time point and migration over time
  • Offer orthopaedic companies the ability to clinically validate new products
  • Offer industry and regulators the highest level of post‐market surveillance of TJR implants
  • Differentiate your practice as a local leader in patient‐focused, Evidenced Based care
  • Developing and creating value of new diagnostic tools with initial focus on an Inducible
  • Additional contract research (and revenue) from industry
  • Potential reimbursement from existing Category 3 CPT codes for SOR and conversion to Category 1
  • Engineering support from HBI for design, installation and support of the SOR solution