Halifax Marking Technology

Our Evidence Based Products enable surgeons to mark bone/soft tissue quickly and efficiently which allows for the monitoring of orthopaedic implant migration and inducible displacement for improved patient care.

Halifax Bead Inserter
Halifax Bead InserterThe Halifax Bead Inserter is an instrument designed for the insertion of 1 mm diameter tantalum radio opaque markers into bone. The design includes the following features:

  • Reusable product includes sterilization container
  • Durable, robust PEEK/steel components
  • Fast assembly/dis-assembly time
  • Minimal learning curve
  • Significantly reduced surgery time compared to competitor products
  • Depth marking on needle to assist with insertion into bone/soft tissue
  • Tactile feedback for bead implementation
  • Fits pre‐loaded/sterile disposable cartridge ‐ 16 x 1mm tantalum markers
  • Kits contains spare insertion needle and piston assembly


The Halifax Bead Inserter is approved for resale in Canada (Health Canada), United States (FDA) and Europe (CE).

Halifax Bead Set
The Halifax Bead Set is provided in sterile packaging, it consists of 1 mm tantalum spherical x-ray markers (16 per set) in a cartridge . They are used as radio-opaque markers to be implanted into bone or soft tissue. The Halifax Bead Set is used with the Halifax Bead Inserter which allows for fast and easy loading of tantalum beads into the Bead Inserter.

Features include:

  • Pre‐loaded sterile disposable device
  • Contains 16 x 1.0 mm tantalum beads
  • Tantalum beads are commercially pure unalloyed tantalum
  • Tantalum is radio‐opaque, implanted markers are highly visible in a radiographic image and
  • this allow for the monitoring and measurement of in vivo micro‐motion.

Halifax Bead Set is approved for resale in Canada (Health Canada), United States (FDA) and Europe (CE).

Halifax Bead Set