X-ray Imaging

Halifax Biomedical Inc. is developing Stereo Orthopaedic Radiography (SOR) technology that provides solutions to two of the largest problems in orthopaedics: instability of the spine, and loosening of implants such as hip and knee replacements. Both problems are difficult to detect and measure objectively and accurately in three dimensions.

Spine instability

The spine has two primary functions: to protect the spinal cord and to allow movement. These competing functions create a delicate balance between mobility and stability causing even very subtle excessive motions to possibly create clinical symptoms. Halifax Biomedical Inc. is developing a technology that will enable the measurement of these subtle excessive motions.

Sample Patient Data Sheet

Implant loosening

Much in the way houses shift and settle over time, implants do the same thing after initial implantation. This is common and it isn’t always a problem, but sometimes it can lead to patients experiencing pain or other symptoms that need to be treated. Stereo radiography allows surgeons to identify very subtle movements between tests and monitor these over time.