Halifax Biomedical Announces Partnership with Leiden University Medical Center, Department of Orthopaedics, to Tackle Joint Replacement Problems
January 21, 2014

Nova Scotia based Halifax Biomedical Inc (HBI), a company that specializes in orthopaedic monitoring, has entered a strategic partnership with Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) in the Netherlands to give HBI exclusive long-term rights to LUMC’s powerful x-ray analysis software, which was developed within the Department of Orthopaedics LUMC.

The HBI-LUMC partnership was accelerated by concerns from surgeons, health payers, and patients about the safety of orthopaedic devices. The last several years have seen unacceptably high failure rates of joint replacement implants that have not been thoroughly monitored prior to market release. This has been evidenced by massive metal-on-metal hip replacement recalls where older designs outperformed trendy new designs that have not been through rigorous pre-market testing. This poor performance includes premature failure as well as long-term complications due to metal debris even after the offending implant is removed.


Fortunately these concerns have been met with compelling evidence showing that the situation can be improved. Studies have shown joint replacement decision-making using data from a monitoring technique known as radiostereometric analysis (RSA) can significantly reduce overall complication rates with respect to early mechanical loosening of the implants.


The partnership established between LUMC and HBI intends to tackle important orthopaedic issues through comprehensive monitoring of implants with RSA. The long-term nature and global scope, with the exception of Europe, of the partnership allows HBI and its collaborating medical centers to use LUMC’s Model-Based RSA software to thoroughly monitor enormous quantities of implants. This will be done through the creation of large-scale RSA registries.


The ultimate goal of the partnership is to form the world’s largest collection of quantitative in vivo implant knowledge with which to understand and compare implant designs and methods of implantation. Research shows that this will lead to better and safer joint replacement technology for the patients who receive them.
“I am very excited about this partnership,” says HBI CEO Chad Munro, “this opens many opportunities for us to provide physicians with very important information about the implants they are using and the relative success of each and every surgery. RSA is important for orthopaedics and until now it hasn’t been readily available to the many physicians who see its value. We now have the opportunity to offer these services on a large-scale and with low investment to the hospital thanks to LUMC’s software and this partnership.”


LUMC has extensive experience in medical image processing, RSA imaging, and analysis software. LUMC has been working with HBI for several years and recognizes the potential in RSA registries.


“By working with HBI to create RSA registries we hope to see RSA as a requirement in early-stage clinical trials before mass introduction of the implant. This will help to avoid the joint replacement disasters we’ve seen in recent years,” said Rob Nelissen and Edward Valstar, of the, Department of Orthopaedics of LUMC.

HBI plans to expand its client base in the next two years with the goal of creating multi-center RSA registries. Additionally, HBI’s R&D division, in conjunction with LUMC, will also be developing RSA technology for bone fracture and spine research.





Halifax Biomedical Inc

Halifax Biomedical Inc. (HBI) is an evidencebased Orthopaedic diagnostics company headquartered in Nova Scotia, Canada with US offices located in Cambridge, MA.


HBI is a world leading provider of micro-instability assessment services using very precise proprietary Stereo Radiography (SR) imaging technology (HALIFAX exams).


HBI focuses on two clinical problems: detection of implant loosening for total hip and knee replacements, and quantification of instability of the spinal column in patients with chronic low back pain.


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