Drs. Scott Sporer & Wayne Paprosky Implant Device Tracking Technology for Joint Replacement
March 9, 2012

Written by  Laura Miller | January 19, 2012 | Becker’s Spine Review

Scott Sporer, MD, and Wayne Paprosky, MD, both surgeons with Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush, recently became the first surgeons in the country to implant all compliant patients with radiostereometric analysis beads to monitor if a replacement implant is wearing down or moving, according to a practice news release.

RSA technology allows medical professionals to take X-rays of patients from different angles to create a three-dimensional image. Using beads as markers around the implant, RSA helps physicians determine the hip and knee patient’s progress and provides research for further implant design and technology.

RSA also allows surgeons and researchers to assess the safest and most durable materials for implants by tracking the relative motion of different implant materials. The RSA analysis process is an effort between physicians and Halifax Biomedical, a Canadian company.

The technology has been used during clinical trials in the past, but Drs. Sporer and Paprosky were the first surgeons to use RSA on all elective joint replacement patients.